Swyx Solutions - A new UK sales strategy

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Swyx, a German based company, are one of the true innovators of IP telephony. Founded over 10 years ago they have pioneered the IP PBX and can boast the highest number of installs for lucrative 20 users SME market (source MZA).

Throughout this time blufeather has been involved in helping Swyx’s UK sales team develop their sales revenues by implementing a pipeline development programme that involves creating, reaching and engaging with their UK reseller and end-users.

This programme has established Swyx as a leader in the IP telephony market. Swyx is now the largest supplier of 'pure' IP telephony solutions to the SME market (Source MZA analysts).

blufeather delivered a combination of the following services to deliver a fully integrated communications and marketing plan that delivered brand awareness and lead generation for both Swyx's UK subsidiary and it reseller partners. These included:

  • Working with the CEO to design a UK specific sales strategy
  • Designing sector specific sales campaigns
  • Building sales propositions that positioned the products on ‘value’ not ‘price’
  • Integrated sales & marketing into a single congruent focused business building plan
  • Sales training and coaching
  • Designing reseller recruitment campaigns


CEO at Swyx Dr. Ralf Ebbinghause said; “I have worked with Steve for over 10 years. During this time he has been instrumental in the development of our UK business, providing consultancy and coaching to Swyx’s senior executives and staff. Specialising in marketing and business development Steve has provided advice on how to structure our sales process and has introduced a number of innovative new ideas and methods that have been paramount in Swyx achieving its business targets.”