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Business Consultancy

blufeather specialises in bringing expert knowledge of critical business areas within reach of SMEs and Owner operated businesses. These include sales, marketing, finance and cost reduction. Even the most experienced business manager cannot be an expert in every activity, but typically staff, customers, the bank, and creditors all expect you to have the answers.

Typical client

The typical blufeather business client is a company of between 1-100 employees, whereby the owner/director is also the finance director, the sales director, the marketing director, and the operations director. Our clients also have very little cash to spend on major consultancy or marketing programmes, but still have the need to break free from their current cycle.

We can help identify the wood from the trees - In these cases, due to the volume of daily tasks the director spends too much time "fire fighting" to fully realise the potential of the business and to implement plans to maximise growth.

Share the Burden, Ease the stress - We can provide that extra resource and share the management burden, by providing a new look and a clear insight into the business and then assist in implementing plans that move the business forward.

Our Services

Priced with SME business owners and operators in mind, we can provide that extra resource and share the management burden, by providing a new look and a clear insight into the business and then assist in implementing plans that move the business forward.

  • Business Audit - The business audit is designed to be a "second pair of eyes" looking at your business. The idea is to take a fresh look at the products, services, cash flow, sales and marketing completely independently, without any previous history or "baggage". Sometimes the most obvious solutions are missed when you are working close to the "coal face" on a daily basis.

The deliverable is an independent report on the operation of the business, together with specific pointers for discussion.

  • Strategic Planning - We will work with you not only to determine a long term strategy, but also to analyse the "pillars" of the strategy. e.g Are they finance based, product based, make or buy, project versus product business, core competences matching market requirement. Most businesses view strategy as wanting to achieve a certain sales level in a period of time or achieve a certain market share. This is all well and good, but the results are rarely achieved without first understanding the key drivers that operate within the industry or market sector they are operating within.

We will work with you to ensure that the every day activities fit with the overall long term goal of the company - typically they don't and this is the beginning of recognising the problems and the start of applying the solution.

  • Marketing Campaign - Many smaller businesses view marketing as advertising and promotion, and many do very little because they perceive it as being expensive and see little value in it. We will assist in determining the correct marketing tools and develop a very inexpensive "in-house" campaign that will save your company literally thousands of pounds.
  • Sales targeting and planning - We have considerable experience of sales and business development activities. In fact the single biggest reason why companies engage blufeather is to assist them with their business development and sales management. We will work with the existing sales team to leverage the sales process by developing sales plans, reseller programmes, partner programmes, sales incentives and international sales development plans.
  • Lead Generation - In conjunction with the sales and marketing campaign, We will assist in determining the best methods for producing leads and develop lead qualification processes and follow-ups.
  • Cost reduction - Cost reduction is not just about redundancy. Cost reduction can be quite painless and it is surprising how much can be saved by looking at the costs from a different view point. A cost to a business, is a sale of a product or service from another business to you. Most businesses selling to you will always try and maximise their sales to you not minimise them. A critical analysis of these costs that addresses issues such as , value for money, do you need it? can it be done in-house? Is there an alternative or cheaper method of achieving the same result? Many companies are amazed at how much they save on this simple analysis.
  • International Business expansion - We have vast experience of assisting companies expand internationally. Whether it is into Europe or any-where else we will provide guidance, make you aware of the pitfalls, give advice on sales, exchange rates, international marketing, distribution agreements, contracts, employment and all the other issues that you may encounter when going "international". One tip for free - never assume that the factors that made you a success in one market will make you a success in another, even if the markets are geographically close e.g UK and France.



Client testimonial

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"Steve has worked with me for over 3 years, initially helping me establish my business, and then helping me grow into new sectors that kept my order book full throughout the year. I have now began to expand, recruiting new staff and I am currently investing in new capital equipment to grow the business further"

Alex Davies - Owner - Mandrill Maintenance

"blufeather has mentored me on every aspect of my business, from finance to sales, marketing and business development. I cannot recommend them enough"


Aaron Foot - Owner - Agricultural Relief Services