Executive Training

Maximise your potential

Our training programmes provide the skills you and your team need to improve the business process

Our proven programme, is customised to your company's products and/or services. It is available as a one-day seminar covering all the elements in the sales process and as a series of half-day workshops that are also customised and can be delivered on an individual or group basis. 

With this new approach, just a 5% improvement at each stage can achieve a 40% gain in revenue

Typical client:

Our clients include; SMEs, international and national corporates and independent business operators.

The Skills Training Programmes

Our clients include organisations of all sizes including; SMEs, international and national corporates and independent business operators. Our fees are very competitive and the investment pays for itself within weeks with new sales, improved margins and the confidence that a professional sales process and pipeline building process is being implemented.

How it works

We spend a day understanding your sales metrics, the value you offer your customers and your revenue targets. We then customise our proven 7 ‘Cs’ pipeline development model to meet the exact needs of your business.

What the seven 7’Cs’ sales programme includes:

An initial discovery session that identifies your target market & key prospects

  • Define business objectives, targets and goals
  • Determine existing situation
  • Define capabilities
  • Define target market
  • Match capabilities with target market
  • Define prospects
  • Define key prospects

A fully customised course based on the above that includes:

  • How to create an end-to-end sales pipeline that produces outstanding results
  • How to profile more effectively to produce more lucrative prospects
  • How to approach cold-calling and appointment setting to achieve the highest return on calls
  • How to build value propositions that satisfy real customer needs
  • How to conduct effective presentations
  • How to build rapport (on the telephone, and at a meeting)
  • How to listen, question, and elicit genuine needs in a sales meeting
  • How to use those needs to build real customer value and therefore close without objections
  • How to handle objections (when they occur)
  • How to build value in an account once the sale has been made

This one day course includes one-to-one role playing and hands on interaction to fully involve and engage your sales executives in the sales pipeline building process.

We also have additional skills-building modules including:

Major account selling

  • How to get on the radar of major accounts
  • How to develop entry strategies to get you in front of the right people
  • How to elicit and then understand their buying strategies
  • How to make your proposition the strongest in a tender situation
  • How to resolve on-going concerns through the sale cycle
  • How to recognise who has the real power in the buying cycle
  • How to close effectively without killing the deal

How to be a Master Communicator

People buy from people. I can coach your sales execs to be excellent communicators. Only 30% of communication is through speech, the rest is through body language, eye contact, and breathing. This module will teach your sales executives:

  • How to quickly get onto their prospects’ ‘wavelength’ by eliciting their primary representational system
  • How to subtly match & mirror
  • How to match voice
  • How to match breathing
  • How to match values (both personal and corporate)

How to negotiate

  • The difference between selling and negotiating
  • When to negotiate
  • How to set your own parameters
  • How to use questioning to uncover real issues
  • How to overcome misunderstandings
  • How to overcome objections
  • How to obtain agreement on a win/win basis

How to Market your Micro Business

Designed for the owner operator business this fact filled programme provides One-to-one coaching/training sessions that:

  • Coach small business owners how to build profitable pipelines
  • How to recruit and manage sales executives
  • How to develop marketing plans and campaigns
  • How to integrate sales & marketing into a single congruent process