Personal Development

Creating your own future

Personal Development

The blufeather personal coaching programme enables you to achieve any goal you want in life.

We believe that everyone can achieve whatever they want in life, often what holds them back is confidence or a lack of resources that they did not know they had. We work with you to uncover these resources, and remove any obstacles that might stand in your way.

In short it enables you to get more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

Our Programmes suit every individual from high flying execs to everyday individuals who just want to get more from life and need someone to help them on their way

Each programme starts with a discovery session for 90 minutes where we work with you to clarify what you would like to gain most from coaching.  After this session we agree a coaching plan and content for each session. This could include:

Establishes goals, career, life, and personal

How you can get there

Discover what might prevent you from getting there

Introduce a powerful technique for removing limiting beliefs, negative emotions

Create a powerful goal setting process that will ensure you stay on track and achieve everything in life that you want to achieve.

We also have a number of workshops and training sessions that can be conducted on a one-to-one basis, including:

Overcomig lack of confidence

Public Speaking



Limiting beliefs