Sales & Executive Coaching

Turn your executives into superstars

Sales & Executive Coaching

Coaching is all about improving performance through developing skills, confidence and focus 

We have developed programmes for business leaders, owners, and their executives 

The programmes are based on achieving incremental performance gains throughout the entire business/sales process 

They help our clients and their executive teams focus on their goals, increase revenues and secure on-going profitable new business pipelines

Typical client:

Our clients include; SMEs, international and national corporates and independent business operators

blufeather's executive coaching programmes are designed to 'bring out the best' of an individual or an organisation



The senior executive/business owner coaching programme

Imagine if you could get away from the office for just one day and have the opportunity to put your business problems behind you, refresh your thinking, reset your goals, (both personal and business) and re-energise your motivation.

I offer a full day one-to-one business coaching session that will provide renewed clarity on your personal goals and your business objectives. It will stimulate you to freely open up and re-engage yourself with the reasons you started in business in the first place, including:

  • Clarify and restate your business and personal objectives, targets and goals
  • Examine your existing situation
  • Explore what is stopping you from getting there
  • Set SMART goals that will open a clear unobstuctive path to your future

This is an opportunity to breathe new life into your business, clarify your objectives and re- ignite your motivation.

The sales coaching programme:

Managing sales executives can be a very frustrating. Some are good, some are bad and some are very enthustiastic, but somehow lack the direction and focus to fully realise their potential.  Hiring and firing sales execs can be very expensive, not just in terms of recruiment costs, but also the opportunity cost of losing up to 6-9 month of lost sales. My coaching programme is designed to provide a third option. Aimed at all executives it personally examines each execs strengths and weaknesses and, on a one-to-one basis, focuses on the areas where the greatest improvement can be made. In many cases just a 10% increase in key areas can have a significant impact on their sales revenues and your bottom line profits.

Each coaching programme starts with a discovery session for 90 minutes where we work with the sales executive to identify which areas they would benefit most from the coaching.  After this session the coach and the sales executive agree a coaching plan and content for each session.

The coaching covers the following topics:

  • How profiling can produce more lucrative prospects
  • How to approach cold calling and appointment setting to achieve the highest return on calls
  • How to build value propositions that sell
  • How to conduct effective presentations
  • How to build rapport (on the telephone, and at a meeting)
  • How to recognise personality types and match propositions with prospects’ values
  • How to listen, question, and elicit genuine needs in a sales meeting
  • How to close without objections
  • How to handle objections (when they occur)
  • How to build long-term client relationships
  • How to develop entry strategies for major accounts

We make improvements to every aspect of the sales cycle from initial prospecting, through to appointment setting, sales meeting & presentations, closing and account building.

How to be a Master Communicator

People buy from people. I can coach your execs to build instant rapport with colleagues, prospects and clients and in doing so enable themj to become excellent communicators. This module will teach your executives:

  • How to gain instant rapport with a prospect (both in person and on the telephone)
  • How to quickly get onto their prospects’ ‘wavelength’ by eliciting their primary representational system
  • How to speak your prospects ‘language’
  • How to subtly match & mirror
  • How to match voice
  • How to match breathing
  • How to elicit a prospects values
  • How to match values (both personal and company)

This course is very ‘hands-on’ each exec will have the opportunity to work with others to put the theory into practice.


Client testimonial

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My business had become stagnant and I lacked direction and focus. A coaching session with Steve transformed my way of thinking, allowed me to set new achievable goals, and concentrate on what I wanted for myself and my business"

Jaci Crocombe - Owner - Matters Magazine

"Steve has been instrumental in the development of our UK business, providing consultancy and coaching to Swyx’s senior executives and staff. Specialising in marketing and business development Steve has provided advice on how to structure our sales process and has introduced a number of innovative new ideas and methods that have been paramount in Swyx achieving its business targets.”

Ralf Ebbinghaus - CEO - Swyx AG